PSOPC Cheat Pack

  PSOPC    InfamousNugz

This is a cheat pack of trainers and other software for Phantasy Star Online PC edition.

  • PSOPC LOGIN PACK (pre edited pso.exe files, includes windowed and fullscreen mode)
  • Gatene's Bank Mod Trainer
  • Challenge Name Editor (gives hex for making a custom challenge name)
  • HIPOPO's Mega Trainer
  • KOTRT IP Patch (patches pso.exe with the designated address)
  • Mag Maker (gives hex for making mags)
  • MUSE NPC's (npc characters)
  • SRANK EDITOR (get's hex for making custom srank items)
  • WMCCHEAT (multi cheat tool that will also patch any exe with window mode or fullscreen mode)