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What to do?

Aug 13 2014 07:10 PM | InfamousNugz in Infamous Gamerz

What should I do with this website? Should I just leave it? Should I redevelop it in a new forum software? Should I make it into a new kind of website? I really don't want to get rid of it because so many people from the past come and are so happy to see people. On the other hand it has been sitting dormant for so long and we haven't really done much. What do you all think?

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Soliloquy on the "Disorganization" of IG

Jan 09 2014 05:15 AM | InfamousGamma in Gaming

[1/8/2014 23:49:53] gamma: i think at this point
[1/8/2014 23:50:22] gamma: we'd have to actually try a game and build up a liking for it
[1/8/2014 23:50:27] gamma: i feel that some people
[1/8/2014 23:50:29] gamma: especially hero and myself at times
[1/8/2014 23:50:34] gamma: keeps waiting for this perfect game
[1/8/2014 23:50:45] gamma: that everyone will like just from reading about it
[1/8/2014 23:51:27] gamma: but obviously we are not all going to like the same game at first so i think some people have to make a sacrifice or at least try a game anyway (for the good of the "clan") even if they think they won't like it
[1/8/2014 23:53:04] gamma: some people may "just know" they won't like a game just from reading about it
[1/8/2014 23:55:39] gamma: but my point is that i think it's possible to come to like a game after playing with people for a while
[1/8/2014 23:57:55] gamma: the problem is the people who never or rarely try to play something new that others like or have already shown interest in

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Final Fantasy XIV

Aug 25 2013 02:21 PM | InfamousNugz in Gaming

UPDATE 09/06/13 - They upgraded the servers and everything is going well (so far). The guild is started (InfamousGamerz) and we also have a linkshell. If you are interested in joining the guild or linkshell please PM or find in game any Infamous member and they will help you join. Or you could just reply to this topic.

So we all started playing FFXIV. Although the pre-order beta isn't going so well and has been down since most of it's launch yesterday. Anyways we are all on the Excalibur server (Siren server if you can't get in and need to wait for a transfer (as of 10am 08/25/2013 Excalibur server is open for character creation again)).

Server: Excalibur
(My Character Name): Infamous Nugz

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PSO2 Delayed again

Jun 20 2013 02:28 PM | InfamousNugz in Gaming

So for those of you who care PSO2US has been delayed again:

I personally lost interest. I enjoyed the JP version but only a few people played with me. That along with the language barrier was enough for me to stop. By the time the US version comes out I wont be interested in the "gaming" aspect of it but more the community aspect. Which I think we can agree is the reason we are here and why we enjoy the Phantasy Star series. When that happens though I tend to turn to writing codes so the game still seems interesting to me (I don't care if this bothers you). So if I do play this game it will be purely for friends and writing codes. In my eyes as well as many others SEGA has already failed miserably. Nothing I can dish out will change that.

Regardless I have come to the understanding I will be removed from the server no matter what I do legit or not so I might as well enjoy myself for my most likely brief time on the servers.

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Welcome to the NEW IG

Jan 31 2013 01:15 AM | InfamousNugz in Infamous Gamerz

So the old forums were really buggy and I tried to salvage the posts but I couldn't get posting to work right after I transferred them. So I took all the members and we are just going to start over once again. Anyways this forum will work a lot better and has a lot more features so enjoy. I will update the pages this weekend.

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